Hi, I'm Alexia.
I'm the writer behind Dimple Snatcher. Welcome! I love that you're here.

Five things I love?
mangoes + curry + photographs + tofu + stories.

I'm obsessed with stories actually--reading them, writing them, creating stories in my head. That's why I love blogging so much! I love sharing and reading your stories. My blogging experience started November '09 and for almost a year, I kept a weight-loss journal at (which is no longer publicly available). I met the best blogger friends and Iost almost 50 pounds (although I have regained much of that weight.) But overtime I lost interest in writing as aggressively as I did about weight-loss, the frustrations, how many pounds I did or didn't lose. That kind of blog works wonderfully for others and I still read and love weight-loss blogs, but I'm not so much interested in writing one anymore. I'm at a different place now. I want to write about healthy living and creating balance, two things I struggle with. And certainly, weight-loss will come as a result of my recovery from disordered eating.

I also want to write about food, specifically Jamaican food. With my first blog, I focused primarily on eating to lose weight and I never celebrated my love for cooking or that I find meaning in learning to make the foods I grew up eating when I was little in Jamaica.

And why Dimple Snatcher? According to my mother, when I was little I had two dimples, one in each cheek, until one of them went away. Thanks so so much for stopping by!