Friday, November 2, 2012

my living space

This summer when we got Samson I was so very vain about him and shamelessly so. I anticipated compliments on his behalf and I found much joy in arranging situations where my friends and family could gaze at him in admiration.

haha, I'm doing it again

Several times I asked myself, "Am I really vain about a dog?!!!!"

I mention Samson because the shameless vanity I still feel about him is comparable to how I feel about my apartment. Hahaha, I thought about colors and inspirations months in advance. I was CRAZY! I would literally lay in my bed at night playing interior designer before I moved to Iowa. 

Here are some images I found on the web that inspired me

love colors :)

 love the green curtains!

love this yellow

love the wood and color

 love simple dining set

love detail over bed! 

This photo was probably the most inspiring. I adore the yellow couch and I love how mismatched the art frames are

THIS IS EXACTLY what I want!

I found myself drawn to color, especially orange and yellow because imp they are happy colors,  reminding me of things I love: sunshine, mangoes, sunflowers. I also found myself drawn to blues and greens because they feel fertile and renewing to me. Blues and greens conjured up images of the sea and trees, which I love for their beauty and serenity. So I decided to go with blue and green for my dining area and yellow and orange for my living room area

I loved the mismatched yet organized feel of the apartments I used for inspiration, especially when it came to texture and color and even furniture. But most of all I was inspired to really make my apartment my own. I just love how the personality of someone can shine through their living space

here's my living space, starting with my pets


       Love that mermaid painting! Got it in a thrift store for $10

Mismatched dining chairs = love

One of my classmates was telling other classmates that my apartment looks like an Anthropologie ad! Haha, hilarious

p.s. next time I will show my office area


  1. I love your dog! Adorable :)

    I like your style.

    1. thank you! missed reading your blog :) hope everything is all right!

  2. I love your apartment. So cozy and charming!!! I cannot say how excited I am you're back blogging :) yay

  3. aww! Samson is such a cutie.
    Web pics inspire me with house stuff, too. I need to be lurking the Interwebs a little more for some curtain inspiration.

  4. You're back! Yay! Your apartment is so wonderful!

  5. I love the colors you have chosen.... And samson is purty....


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