Saturday, November 3, 2012

four things.

 i've been happy here. it was only this week i had a moment where i felt lonely (i'm sure there were other moments where i felt lonely but this one wasn't like the other ones because it wasn't fleeting but i feel better now)
its amazing how little things have helped to build my happiness here. in other words, i think a large part of my transition in iowa city is doing little things to make me happy. here are three things that made me happy this week:

1. i try to buy flowers to begin every month. they help light up my life so they're totally worth the $1.50 each

2. went to see about a bottle of jam in the grocery story and found ginger butter--the two ingredients are ginger and sugar, haha--on sale! it's amazing and i do love ginger

3. my little pumpkins, my autumn decorations, make me so happy. the best $2 i've spent in a long time!

the fourth thing is an email from the kid i used to babysit. it is precious! and she's only ten, i never can believe how intelligent she is:

Dear Alexia,
I got your letter and I am glad you are enjoying your expirience in Iwoa. Your house seems cozy and perfect for you! I loved the cactuses, just like the ones we got together for mother's day! I miss you terribly, but I'm shaping a new life as well. I made many new friends, and I'm sure I'm yet to meet more. I've gotten used to the new routines and I love most of my new teachers. My elective subjects are ceramics and creative writing. In ceramics, I'm making a pig with little, red rainboots. My creative writing teacher is boring and not creative at all. I feel like she's very monotone and only now I realize that you were right last year when you told me, for writing you either get a really good teacher, or a really bad one. I am very lucky because I made it onto the volleyball team, as well as the cheerleading team. Some people didn't get into any thing!

There is a hurricane here, if you haven't heard about it. Lower Manhattan (you taught me how to spell that) doesn't have power or water. I'm at a friends house so I have power but we just got here, and we're leaving soon.

Samson is the cutest thing I've ever seen!I wish you luck with your new routines and I want you to know things aren't the same without you. I wish you came back, and I'm really happy for you.
P.S.: In school we read Peter Pan by JM Barrie and it's suprisingly more complex than you would think. Even adults can enjoy it. I'm writing my own prequel to it, so I could send it to you if you want.


  1. I remember Jasmine from your older posts. If my memory serves me correctly you even shared some pics of you two together or some pics she would take of you.

    Awww such an adorable letter. I cannot believe she is only ten. Her grammar is impeccable and she sounds so mature!

    1. hey! good to hear from you :) i hope everything is well with you!

  2. So happy to know that you've adjusted to Iowa. The Midwest is an interesting place. I hope your family is okay in NYC.

  3. You are back... I have missed you and the little girl is amazing. I can tell how much you have enriched her life. Happy fpr you Alexia.

  4. You are back... I have missed you and the little girl is amazing. I can tell how much you have enriched her life. Happy fpr you Alexia.


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